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Roelofsen Horse Trucks

Roelofsen Horse trucks

Roelofsen Raalte developes tailor-made transport solutions. From basic transport to luxurious multiple horse trucks. Trucks for branches of sport, custom built for you.

Regardless of whether you want to transport three horses or twelve, or you prefer elegant simplicity or comfortable luxury; everything is possible and nothing is too complex. Roelofsen’s horse trucks offer everything you need – and more. You and your horses feel perfectly at home. Stylish design, perfect travel comfort and unparalleled safety put horse trucks from Roelofsen in a class of their own.

The horse area of our horse trucks offers optimum safety for your horses and is characterised by excellent travel comfort and a perfect finish.

Roelofsen is also pleased to help you providing a used truck, trade in yourt current truck and with the repair or maintenance. The service level of Roelofsen is high. When the truck is ready, we personally deliver it to your door.

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